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Since its foundation over 30 years ago members of CUKC have competed with great success at student, regional, national and international level, and competition is firmly grounded as one of the most important parts of life at the club. Training for competition centres around Monday night squad sessions, where the squad train for competition kumite (both shobu ippon and WKF), Friday nights, which are informal sparring sessions, and Thursday nights, which are for kata training.

Participants in competition who meet certain criteria are awarded 'blues'. The criteria are explained on this page and a record of past Blues awards can be found here.

This page catalogues the many competitive achievements of the club since the late 1980s. If you are able to help fill in the gaps before 2000, please get in touch with the webmaster.

The Varsity Match 2024

The Varsity Match is an annual competition between the karate clubs of Cambridge and Oxford Universities. In the match, which is usually held in February, two men's teams and a women's team from each university compete in kata, team kata and kumite for the three team titles and the overall trophy, the Enoeda Cup.

Competition Report

Image credit: Nirmay Jadhav

Image credit: Emma Shen

On Saturday the 2nd of March, the Cambridge University Karate Club faced off against Oxford University Karate Club for the annual and highly-anticipated Varsity match. This took
place at the Oxford Sports Centre at Iffley Road.

The stakes were higher than ever this year, as Cambridge was going for their 18th consecutive win against Oxford and were more willing than ever to prove that they are, and always have been, the superior karate club.

The competition started at 1:30pm with individual kata. The men’s category was first, with our amazing men’s team composed of Nirmay, Jack, Dani and Lukas performing absolutely brilliant katas. Oxford, however, put up a very strong fight with their kata selection, beating
Cambridge marginally by 2 points (Oxford: 22 points, Cambridge: 20 points).

Women’s individual kata was next. This year was different from last year as Oxford did manage to bring a team full of women, which meant that Cambridge had some real competition this time. Our women’s team, with Rose, Ayako, Elizabeth and Angela, absolutely smashed it out the park, with very strong kata performances all around. Although the Oxford women’s team tried their best, Cambridge women’s team beat them by 22 points, securing a big win for Cambridge on the individual kata side (Oxford: 10 points, Cambridge:
32 points). A landslide victory for the women!

Mixed team individual kata was then up, with amazing performances all around. Millie, Yusuf, Jake and Luka all did wonderful katas, and performed very well. The mixed team on the whole were brilliant. Millie scored the highest kata of the day with her Chatan Yara
Kusanku, with a score of 21.8. Oxford’s team lost out by 18 points to the Cambridge mixed team, securing yet another win for Cambridge (Oxford: 12 points, Cambridge: 30 points).

All of our individual performances were spectacular and Cambridge really showed Oxford how brilliant their kata competitors are!

Team kata was up next, and all three of the Cambridge teams did incredibly well. The men’s team kata, however, sadly lost by 0.1 points to Oxford’s men team kata - an incredibly tight call. Cambridge’s women’s team kata beat Oxford’s women with a great performance of Jitte
against their Jion. The Cambridge mixed team kata performed an amazing Kanku Dai, beating Oxford’s mixed team kata of Bassai Dai.

Team kumite was the final category of the day. Men’s team kumite consisted of Callum, Jack, Joshua and Jake. In the first round, Callum, Joshua and Jake put up an impressive fight, but unfortunately lost to their respective Oxford opponents. Jack put in great effort, which ended in a tie with his opponent, securing 3 points for Cambridge. In the second round, after an
impressive show of fights, Callum beat his opponent, gaining 6 more points for Cambridge. A shout out to Dani who stepped in for Jake after he was injured in the first round!

Women’s first round of team kumite was next, with Ayako, Rose, Millie and Maya competing.

Our women were all absolutely amazing and showed great spirit throughout the entirety of the fights. In the first round, Millie and Ayako both won their fights, earning 6 points each for
Cambridge. In the second round, Millie and Ayako won their fights again, with Rose and Maya tying with their opponents.

Mixed team kumite saw Deepthi, Nirmay, Luca and Lukas competing. After some intense and exciting fights, Deepthi and Nirmay both won their round, which concluded the competition for the day. All of our fighters showed great spirit throughout the entire kumite tournament and we are super proud of them!

The overall points were:
Men’s A:
- Cambridge: 20
- Oxford: 34
- Cambridge: 9
- Oxford: 39

Women’s A:
- Cambridge: 44
- Oxford: 10
- Cambridge: 30
- Oxford: 18

Mixed B:
- Cambridge: 42
- Oxford: 12
- Cambridge: 24
- Oxford: 24

- Men’s Trophy Winner: Oxford
- Women’s Trophy Winner: Cambridge
- Mixed Trophy Winner: Cambridge
Overall Winner: Cambridge

A massive thank you to all of the support from our spectators who travelled to see us and
cheer us on, the referees and judges, those who tabled, Oxford’s karate committee for
organising, our coach Sensei Ken, and our President and Captains.

Well done everyone, and a big congratulations for securing our 18th consecutive win!

Report by Elizabeth Li, CUKC Women’s Captain 2023-24.


Winner of the Varsity 2024:

Competition Results

Men's Captain: Jack Doust
Women's Captain: Elizabeth Li
Men's Captain: Callum Reid
Women's Captain: Ellie Worth
Men's Captain: Tom Xu
Women's Captain: Millie Johal
Men's Captain: Chris Hamilton
Women's Captain: Danielle Ball
Men's Captain: Putu Khorisantono
Women's Captain: Eleanor Lee
Men's Captain: Jamie Lowenthal
Women's Captain:
Men's Captain: Stephen Ducray
Women's Captain: Nivedita Sarveswaran
Men's Captain: Vlad Soltuz
Women's Captain: Ellen Weaver
Men's Captain: Jonny Sinclair-Williams
Women's Captain: Ellen Weaver
Men's Captain: Scott Ang
Women's Captain: Amy Hall
Men's Captain: Quang Thinh Ha
Women's Captain: Tasha Nussbaum
Men's Captain: Jerome Singh
Women's Captain: Caroline Tanner
Men's Captain: Matt Houlden
Women's Captain: Emma Nunn
Men's Captain: Liam Gabb
Women's Captain: Gosia Stanislawek
Men's Captain: Nim Sukumar
Women's Captain: Stephanie McTighe
Men's Captain: Paul Smith
Women's Captain: Gemma Coughlin
Men's Captain: Tom Johnson
Women's Captain: Madeleine Wood
Men's Captain: Ian MacLeod
Women's Captain: Su-Yin Tan (until Oct 06)
Men's Captain: Simon Picot
Women's Captain: Andy Hicks (vc) / Lianne Walsh
Men's Captain: Robin Donnelly
Women's Captain: Charlie Gray
Men's Captain: Tom Culverhouse
Women's Captain: Sarah Owen
Men's Captain: Deepak Srivastava
Women's Captain: Jenny Prior
Men's Captain: Mladen Tosic
Women's Captain: Andrea Brady
Men's Captain: Tom Culverhouse
Women's Captain: Sam Holland
Men's Captain: Kenjiro Hori
Women's Captain: Precious Lunga
Men's Captain: Johnnie Walker
Women's Captain: Chris Luecke
Men's Captain: David Colb
Women's Captain: Michelle Dickens
Men's Captain: Denis Koltsov
Women's Captain: Hazel Leidig
Men's Captain: Yannis Hatzioannou
Women's Captain: Natasha Guy
Men's Captain: Yash Kulkarni
Women's Captain: Sarah Lane
Men's Captain: Tom Kompier
Women's Captain: Oyuna Sanjassaurian
Men's Captain: Andrew Gates
Women's Captain: Laura Whitford
Men's Captain: Jason Purcell
Women's Captain: Shona Cantrell

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The Varsity Match

The Varsity Match is an annual competition between the karate clubs of Cambridge and Oxford Universities. In the match, which is usually held in February, two men's teams and a women's team from each university compete in kata, team kata and kumite for the three team titles and the overall trophy, the Enoeda Cup.

Varsity 2020

Winners of the Enoeda Cup 2020: Cambridge

Team results:

  • Men's A: Cambridge
  • Men's B: Cambridge
  • Women's: Cambridge

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