Training fees for Michaelmas 2023

Find below our current fees scheme:

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We order the majority of our equipment throught the martial arts suppliers Blitz and since we are a registered organisation we are able to offer discounted prices on kit. The following comprise the essential items that the club regularly orders. Blitz has an extensive catalogue however, so we can order other items on request.

If you would like to order kit or if you have any questions about kit please contact the Vice-President. Big kit orders are usually made once a term. Please ask about the availability of other martial-arts related items, e.g. bo, makiwara, books etc. Please also have a look at our stash collection!

Kit prices below are indicative, being the prices which were in force at the last bulk kit order.




Heavyweight gi
Blitz White Diamond heavyweight gi. Recommended for competitions and for all serious karateka. Made from a heavier, better quality material than the lightweight gis, so it retains its shape better. Comes with two sets of trousers; a shorter, Japanese-style pair and a longer, Western-style pair.
Middleweight gi
Zanshin Middleweight Karate Suit is a classic gi that offers maximum comfort and unrestricted movement. European cut providing a full-length sleeve and trouser legs. Comes with one set of trousers. Belt not included. 12oz.
Lightweight gi
This is the gi that we recommend for beginners. It is basic but functional, allowing complete freedom of movement. Comes with a white belt.
WKF-approved kumite gi
Light 8oz cut ribbed gi suitable for serious kumite competitors. The lightness of the gi permits freer movement than the White Diamond, while the quality of the material ensures that sweat is quickly absorbed without saturating the gi.
Kyu grade belt
Standard cotton belt available in all the usual colours. Usually 250 or 280cm long but available in other lengths on request.
Gum shield
Required for all kumite matches, essential for kumite training. These are standard upper-jaw mouth guards that mould to your mouth shape after being submerged in boiling water. Gum shields are also available from most sports shops, including Sports Direct in the City Centre
Red/blue WKF-style mitts with or without thumb
Required for kumite at BUCS and other WKF-style competitions. Can have with or without thumb.
Groin guard
A recommended item for guys entering kumite competitions and required for WKF.
Chest guard
A recommended item for women entering kumite competitions and required for WKF. (WKF approved).
Body protector
Compulsory for WKF competitions. Designed to be worn under a Karate suit, the body protector shields against strikes and blows to the chest. SMAI WKF approved
WKF-approved shin and instep guards
SMAI WKF Approved Shin and Instep Guards absorb the knocks and blows associated with kumite. Compulsory for WKF competitions
CUKC badge
Makes your gi look good and makes you a serious part of the club. Essential for representing Cambridge at competitions.