The club maintains a large collection of videos, mostly from competitions, but also occasionally from social events, and some of kata performed in the dojo. This collection is expanding all the time; if you can help with this in any way please contact the webmaster.

All of our videos are hosted on our YouTube channel — go here to find a complete set of CUKC videos.

Our Favourites

Here is a mixture of some of our own favourite CUKC videos and some of the most watched CUKC videos on YouTube.

1996 Varsity Highlights
Highlights of the 1996 Varsity Match, if you would like access to the full 1995 and 1996 footage, please contact
CUKC 2020 Splash!
Check out our new video! Partnering up with University of Cambridge Sport's Virtual Open Days 2020!
Our new Promo video for the club.

Recent Kumite Videos

Videos of the squad at recent competitions.

OKA vs CUKC 2016 2
A section of the OKA vs CUKC Match 2016.
Varsity 2016 Round 1 Kumite
A first Round match in varsity 2016 Kumite.
OKA vs CUKC 2016
A section of the OKA vs CUKC Match 2016.

A complete set of our kumite videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.

DVD Library

CUKC maintains a DVD Library with a large selection of (mostly kumite) footage from the last 30 years. Much of the fighting on these DVDs is out of this world; dynamic, fast, powerful, supremely athletic; a joy to watch. All members of the club are encouraged to borrow DVDs from the library.

This library has been made possible thanks to the generosity of CUKC members and ex-members who have contributed to it. To these people we are extremely grateful.

Kata Videos

Shotokan Kata

Shotokan Kata in slow motion

Wado-Ryu Kata

Goju-Ryu Kata

Shito-Ryu Kata

The list of kata videos is constantly being updated.