Upcoming sessions Easter 2024

5 May15:30-17:30GeneralSports Centre Studio 1Ken Hori
8 May20:00-21:55Kata/GeneralSports Centre Studio 1Ken Hori
12 May15:30-17:30TBCSports Centre Studio 1TBC
15 May20:00-21:55Kata/GeneralSports Centre Studio 1Ken Hori
19 May15:30-17:30GeneralSports Centre Studio 1Ken Hori
22 May19:00-21:00TBCNewnham Old LabsTBC
26 May15:30-17:30TBCNewnham Old LabsTBC
29 May19:00-21:00TBCNewnham Old LabsKen Hori
2 June15:30-17:30TBCNewnham Old LabsKen Hori
5 June19:00-21:00TBCNewnham Old LabsTBC
9 June15:30-17:30TBCNewnham Old LabsKen Hori
12 June19:00-21:00GeneralNewnham Old LabsKen Hori
15 June13:00 - 18:00GRADINGKelsey KerridgeRoy Tomlin


The University Sports Centre is here: map

Homerton College: map. The postcode is CB2 8PH.

Kelsey Kerridge sports centre is in Queen Anne Terrace (next door to the YMCA) CB1 1NA, map

New Cellars, Pembroke College: see this page for a map: Pembroke Players. This is in Trumpington Street, postcode CB2 1RF.

Trinity Squash Courts are in Grange Road, close to the junction with Adams Road. Please see the map link to map, the building is ringed.

The fee structure for this term is

Please note that members have to be at least 8th kyu (red belt) before they can enter kata sessions or 7th kyu (yellow belt) for kumite sessions!

All of the instructors are black-belts. Many of them have considerable experience in teaching, and either represent or have represented Cambridge in competitions. During the vacations periods, outside the University term there is always at least one taught session a week.

The Club's chief instructor is Sensei Ken Hori, 6th Dan. Sensei Ken usually takes the general Sunday sessions intended for all members.

Basics sessions have an emphasis on kihon. They are especially suitable for beginners but everyone else is also welcome. Kumite sessions involve no-contact drills and conditioning exercises.

IMPORTANT: For insurance reasons you will need a valid JSKE licence in order to train at CUKC. You are welcome to hold licences from other associations as well as the KUGB, but such licences alone are not sufficent to train at CUKC.